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Seeds In The Wind - Book 1

Seeds In The Wind - Book 1




Seeds in the Wind - Book 1

by James D. Gutierrez

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Throughout the ages people have always been interested in what a hermit had to say. "Seeds in the Wind" was written by a college graduate and Army veteran who dropped out in 1970 to become a protester hermit. He gradually evolved into a pursuer hermit who lived alone and off the grid for most of his life.

His trilogy is something completely new in the art of writing. Since it includes most categories, he calls it an Entirety. It's a fictionalized autobiographical odyssey that's basically a memoir, written not only by him but also by his alter ego, Jahthra, and with a big help from a tree in the forest (who speaks for himself).

Written in real time over more than four decades, his quest to bring peace and harmony to this world is presented with a sense of humor and seeded within an extended romantic adventure with his adopted daughter, an orphan named Sprout.

There is no money back guarantee with this book, but three others do exist: 1 – You have never read another book like this one; 2 – You possibly won't like the author's conclusion on how to save the planet and will feel that there must be more to it without even giving it a try; and 3 – There is something entertaining and/or mentally stimulating in here for everyone.

"Seeds in the Wind" by James D. Gutierrez (as Jahthra): there's ACTION, but no bad guys; CONSPIRACY, but no treachery; MYSTERY, but no crime; ADVENTURE, but no superheroes; and LOVE, but no sex. A book whose time has come...

"Seeds in the Wind" is one continuous story throughout the following three books:

Book 1 – Part One: from “The Legends of Cinnabar”
Part Two: Jahthra’s Journal

Book 2 – Part Three: The Book
Volume I: Together In The Light
Volume II: Apart, In The Dark

Book 2 – Part Four: The Plan
Part Five: The Concord Dance



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